Investigations of adolescents

How are adolescents doing in contemporary society? It is an important question not only nationally but also locally. Fine investigations have been undertaken on the national level but effective and targeted local initiatives allocating resources to those with greatest needs must also be ensured. In order to ensure such initiatives, investigations must be undertaken systematically and with starting point in the lived reality of the adolescents. 

Local information is hence crucial and it is necessary that lived experience and academic research cooperate effectively. In the realisation that great differences in life conditions and circumstances amongst adolescents exist in Denmark, an investigation has been developed to meet the municipal needs for local information. Simultaneously it can be applied regionally and nationally for academic researchers and politicians.  

The investigations are targeted adolescents from 15-25 years. The questionnaires answered by the adolescents covers topics relevant for them. 

The investigation can be repeated with regular intervals to observe tendencies. If worrying tendencies are displayed, quick reaction can be ensured and these local initiatives can be evaluated to continuously improve these.