What is schoolhealth.eu?

Skolesundhed.dk (Schoolhealth.eu) is a platform supporting the Danish municipalities’ efforts towards securing health and wellbeing of children and adolescents. The tool is based on questionnaires targeting parents, children and adolescents. The information provided by the questionnaires provides the municipalities insight into the wellbeing and health on class-, school and municipal levels through children and adolescent profiles.

Schoolhealth.eu is a multidisciplinary platform enabling dialogue and better opportunities to support the individual child and adolescent. The knowledge obtained through Schoolhealth.eu makes it possible to rethink initiatives and to a higher extent than before target resources towards children and adolescents with special needs.

The municipalities’ own tool

The development of the Danish version of Schoolhealth.eu (Skolesundhed.dk) began in 2007 in cooperation with a number of Danish municipalities, scientists and professionals within the field of children’s health and The Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, Denmark. It has been financially supported by the Danish foundation TrygFonden (www.trygfonden.dk/english). The aim of Skolesundhed.dk was for the municipalities to develop a common tool based on experience. By 2011 the rights to use Skolesundhed.dk in Denmark were given to the participating municipalities by Aarhus University. Thus the municipalities now own and define the contents of Skolesundhed.dk such as the themes they integrate into the questionnaires. Schoolhealth.eu offers a comprehensive integration of municipality practice and a flexible design. This ensures a flexible, practice-oriented, simple tool which is thoroughly tested by many users.

During the first years, Skolesundhed.dk targeted children and adolescents in elementary school (age 6-16) with questionnaires concerning the early school years (age 6-9), the middle (age 10-12) and the end of elementary school (age 13-16). The participating municipalities have been using the platform both as a monitoring and as a dialogue tool at different levels – e.g. to qualify and prepare individual conversations between students/parents and school nurses or doctors (mandatory in Denmark during the first and last years of elementary school) and as a dialogue tool between students and teachers, the school employees and between parents and the school.

At present, approximately half of the municipalities in Denmark are part of the Skolesundhed.dk community and take part in the continuous development of the platform. In 2015 TrygFonden, The Danish Committee for Health Education, The Child Mental Health Research Program/Aarhus University, Denmark, and the participating municipalities joined a four-year strategic cooperation to ensure the development and national implementation of Skolesundhed.dk in supporting the work with the health and wellbeing of children and young people in the municipalities.


At present the following surveys are available at the Danish version of Schoolhealth.eu:

  1. · The Toddler Survey (Read more)

    · The Elementary School Survey (Read more)

    · The Adolescent Survey (Read more)

    · Educational Environment Evaluation

    · The National Wellbeing Survey

Illustartion af hvornår undersøgelser skal afvikles

The Schoolhealth.eu-secretariat

The secretariat behind Skolesundhed.dk is an interdisciplinary group of people ensuring continuous development and support of the implementation, operation and application of Skolesundhed.dk in the municipalities.