Skolesundhed.dk  is a dialogue and monitoring tool centered around the wellbeing and health of children and adolescents. Parents, children and adolescent’s responses to the questionnaires generate profiles that serve as a foundation for a common language for all professionals working with children and adolescents in the municipality. This makes Skolesundhed.dk  a tool for dialogue between professions  - and just as important, a tool for dialogue between employees in the municipality and its citizens.

The profiles generated from the questionnaires provide the municipalities with detailed information about the wellbeing and health of children and adolescents in their municipality and nationwide. This allows feedback, comparison and exchange of experiences between municipalities. The profiles generated about the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents qualify and systematize the municipalities’ work with these areas as the municipality, on a knowledge-based foundation, can target resources to a group (class, school, municipality etc.) and individual level, e.g. in regards to children with special needs.

Application on different levels

Individual level

Only the school nurse and doctor can access data on an individual level due to the legislation on health data in Denmark.

Group level

• Class level

• School level

• Municipal level (political and strategic)

Examples of application on different levels are mentioned below.

Application in health care – individual level

For school nurses and doctors the questionnaires function as a clinical tool and is applied in conjunction with the Danish statutory examinations during the early school years (age 6-9) and the end of elementary school (age 13-16) among other types of individual health conversations during elementary school. Based on the response of the individual student the school nurse or doctor can qualify and target the conversations according to what appears to be most relevant for the individual student. Skolesundhed.dk can also be helpful in detecting students with special needs so that they can be referred to relevant initiatives. In that case, the parents must be involved.

Class level efforts

The results from the questionnaires enable the school nurse or doctor to differentiate and target efforts towards specific classes. Review and dialogue concerning the class profile will typically give rise to a dialogue about community, wellbeing and health. Moreover, the school nurse or doctor can participate in the teaching of subjects regarding health that was proven relevant in the individual class by the questionnaires.

Differentiating health services

Skolesundhed.dk makes it possible for the existing resources to be spend as effectively as possible, including the restructuring from services on an individual level to group initiatives.

Interdisciplinary cooperation with the school

Schoolhealth.eu is a joint platform for schools and school nurses that helps clarify the challenges concerning health and wellbeing at the schools. Schoolhealth.eu supports an interdisciplinary approach to the health of school children. Through the results from Schoolhealth.eu, school nurses or doctors can cooperate with teachers and pedagogues regarding intiatives on a group, class and school level.

Application on schools

Schools can use the results from Schoolhealth.eu to uncover the need to interventions regarding health and wellbeing. Examples are the preparation of an anti-bullying-policy; play areas promoting physical activity; setting up water dispensers; providing knowledge in conjunction with pedagogical initiatives and economic prioritization of initiatives while the platform forms a background for evaluation of the schools’ health promoting initiatives.

Assessment of educational environment

The schools in Denmark are obliged to undertake evaluations of the educational environment. The platform Schoolhealth.eu therefore deals with various themes such as the physical environment and aesthetic circumstances, the psychological environment, security and teaching. The individual Danish schools can apply data from the platform for their various evaluations of the educational environment. The school’s responsibility to undertake these evaluations remain the same as previously but henceforward they can apply data through the platform.

Discussion and health politics

The school management can use the results in dialogue about learning, educational environment, health and wellbeing, e.g. with the schools’ pedagogical staff, the school board, the student council and health committee/board. Moreover, results from Schoolhealth.eu can provide input to the preparation of new health politics at the school, revision of existing health politics as well as evaluation of these.

Cooperation with school nurses and doctors

Schoolhealth.eu supports an interdisciplinary approach to the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents. Through results from Schoolhealth.eu school nurses and doctors, teachers, pedagogues and the school management can cooperate about efforts on a group-, class-, and school level. Thereby, health promoting efforts can be integrated into the daily pedagogical practice.

Application in the classes

During elementary school the class’ individual profile is a good place to commence dialogue with the students about how they are doing in their respective classes. The class’ individual profile can with benefit be made an integral part of the teaching, e.g. in connection with teaching within the topic “health, sexual and family awareness” which is statutory in Denmark. If relevant experts in intoxicants and organisations such as Sex and Society can be applied with benefit in the teaching of these topics and related.

Involving parents

The knowledge about health and wellbeing in the class which the teacher is provided through Schoolhealth.eu, is an excellent tool to cooperate with parents. The results can i.e. form a launch pad for dialogue and ownership at a parents’ evening/parent-teacher meeting revolving around current issues. 

Application in the municipality – Political and strategic management tool

Schoolhealth.eu can be applied as a management tool in the political and strategic work with health and wellbeing in the municipality. Results from Schoolhealth.eu can among others be applied in connection with political discussions, planning and ongoing adjustment of initiatives and strategies and as an input to negotiations concerning budgets. The profiles of children and adolescents give politicians a possibility to monitor the development in the status of the health and wellbeing of the students of the municipality. Data fromSchoolhealth.eu can also be exported to Excel and applied to analyses on a municipal level.

Application across professions and administrations

Based on profiles from Schoolhealth.eu, relevant professions in the municipality can get exact knowledge about the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents. In the schools, children and adolescents participate in identifying relevant areas of focus that can form the basis for initiatives targeting improved health, wellbeing and educational environment at the school. School nurses, doctors and other professionals with interest in the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents can achieve information which can support, qualify and target initiatives. Information about children and adolescent’s participation in leisure time activities can also be acquired by the people, sports clubs etc.

Connection to other data

Based on the results from the profiles of children and adolescents it is possible to initiate targeted cross-disciplinary health efforts and projects. E.g. it is possible to assess the association between school outdoor environment, PE facilities and the physical activity and health of the students by combining data from Schoolhealth.eu and geographical data.