The questionnaires at the platform makes it easier to maintain focus on the essential in the conversation between the student/parents and the school nurse/doctor. Furthermore supports the improvement of wellbeing and health at the individual schools. 

Moving forward will be a platform offering information about concrete initiatives to improve wellbeing and health. In the past year in cooperation with scientific and academic researches worked to identify what type of interventions are most researched and applicable in the municipalities. In 2016 we aim to coordinate this work with the Danish National Health Service. 

The programme we have applied mostly in the Committee for Health Information is In cooperation with Aarhus University we have tested Robusthedsprogramme in different contexts and expect the results in 2016. Along with other programmes with a similar level of documentation we aspire to develop a “municipal toolbox” related to specific challenges and problems. We will commence the integration of individual and group-aimed interventions at the platform in 2016 and begin with the areas where we have collected evidence-based information on among others sleep and bullying.