Investigations in elementary schools

Skolesundhed.dk is based on targeted, validated questionaries through which the municipality can collect information from students and parents in the elementary school.  The information provides an important overview of the state of the well-being at the class, school and municipality level and emphasises the importance of health and well-being at all these levels. 

The questionnaires answered by the students covers relevant topics to them. For primary school students a questionnaire is also specifically targeted at the parents. 

The municipalities can make the questionnaire suit their individual needs in order to provide the desired information. Questions can be chosen from a ride range of topics including health, wellbeing, school, nutrition and meals, social relations, sleep and leisure time and educational environment. Questions concerning alcohol, cigarettes and drugs can be chosen for older students. 

Skolesundhed.dk is an interdisciplinary platform creating a foundation for rethinking initiatives and strategic targeting of resources to children and adolescents in the schools within a municipality. this increases the opportunities to support children with special needs. 

Close cooperation between municipalities and academic researchers ensures that Skolesundhed.dk is a flexible, applicable and easy tool tested by many users.